• Understanding bladder cancer and your treatment
  • 1.What is bladder cancer?
  • 2.Diagnosing and treating non-muscle invasive(superficial) bladder cancer
  • 3.Your Mitomycin-C treatment
  • 4.What are the side effects?
  • 5.What else should I know?
  • 6.What happens next?
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5 What else should I know?

Sexually active patients should either refrain from sexual intercourse or use a condom for 48 hours following treatment. This is to protect your partner against possible contact with the chemotherapy drug.

Pregnant women should not receive Mitomycin-C. If you or your partner are planning to become pregnant please consult your doctor. Women should not breastfeed while receiving Mitomycin-C.

As smoking is very closely related to the development of bladder cancer, you should try to stop smoking to limit your chances of a bladder cancer recurrence.